KINESIOLOGY  -  The science of movement (Greek)Título

This holistic approach brings balance into the client´s system, resulting in a feeling of a deep relaxation, relief, harmony and ease.




Kinesiologists use muscle testing as a simple and reliable way to get clarity about any imbalance (physical, mental, and/or emotional) in the client´s system. Step by step, the muscles indicate how to proceed towards the solution of any problem. 

Through a strong or weak response to the test, the muscles signal yes (strong) or no (weak) to the kinesiologist´s questions. The signal of the muscle represents the answer of the person as a whole, including the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. 


If you cannot visit me personally, a session via Skype can also help you get the desired results. In this case, I do the testing for you and while we talk, you give me a feedback about the changes you perceive in your body and sensations with each step.


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