Let´s bring about a profound understanding of your present situation. This will allow for a deep relaxation to take place. The love that has been withheld for some old reason, begins to flow through the system again.

Family Constellation is a fast, effective, and powerful method to recognize family entanglements. These may actually be the roots of some problem you are suffering concerning your health, self esteem or self realization, or your relation with other people: friends, people at work, neighbours... You will have surprising insights into your attachments to feelings that actually belong to some ancestor, and that you, therefore, can release with ease now.



You start a family constellation with a picture of your family in your mind. This picture has built up during your life, due to observation, education, experiences and other things that occurred. 

We work with pieces as placeholders for your family members and set up the picture on the table. While you are sitting in the spectator´s seat, I communicate to you whatever it is that I feel about the persons. While you are watching and listening with an open heart and mind, the picture begins to move. Through systemic sentences and simple but powerful gestures, the true underlying emotions of each one can be found out and expressed. This procedure brings to light what you have missed out so far. You get some new insights into the feelings and situations of your family members and gain a new understanding of their attitudes and motivation.  Through healing frases and gestures the picture rearranges itself, so that each person finds their place and can stand tall. 


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